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5 Ramen Recipes to Make with Your Maytag Range

by Cathy Carr

A bowl of ramen sits on a table in a restaurant.

From German spaetzle, to the perfect Italian spaghetti, there are infinite ways to eat noodles. They’re a staple in American cuisine and delicious no matter how they’re prepared. But, while all these European noodles make our mouths water, we’ve decided to a head a little more east for these noodle adventures and check out different ramen recipes you’ll want to create with your Maytag range.

If you’ve never tried this Japanese dish, you’re in for a treat. Both healthy and delicious, this brothy meal can contain whatever you want, but usually includes a meat of your choice, vegetables, seaweed, green onions, soft-cooked eggs, dashi, savory broth, and of course the noodles!

Make your ramen with precision and grace when you have a Maytag range helping you cook! Get your Maytag range cooktop ready for all these delicious recipes you’ll want to try for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

 1.       Instant Ramen (Recipe courtesy of epicurious)

Everyone should know how to make a quick ramen dinner. It’s easy, painless, and the results are surprisingly delicious for how little effort the dish takes to make. It may sound like you’re about to make some cheap top ramen, but we can assure you that this is a very gourmet version of top ramen. So, if you want to spend a little extra time sprucing up your quick noodle dinner over your Maytag range, check this recipe out.

 2.       Halloween Ramen (Recipe courtesy of Serious Eats)

If you’re feeling like being extra festive and are down to try out an eclectic dish, we bring you the Halloween Ramen. It may look scary, but if you’re into trying new things, such as squid ink, then you’ll be just fine testing the waters of this dark ramen.

 3.       Asian Chicken Noodle Soup (Recipe courtesy of delish)

Feeling sick but want something a little less bland than your average chicken noodle soup? With this Asian Chicken Noodle Soup, you’ll get a creamier version with more vegetables and more flavor.

This meal requires a large pot, which won’t be a problem for the Maytag gas range. This appliance comes equipped with an oval burner, which ensures even heating when you’re cooking with oversized pots and pans.

Maytag's oval-shaped range burner, lit with blue flames.

 4.       Thai Peanut Chicken and Ramen Noodle Soup (Recipe Courtesy of The Disaster Chef)

Asian cuisine is a wonderful thing and mixing different culture’s food into the mix can really add the perfect touch of spice your ramen may have needed. In this recipe, Thai plays a large role, making this ramen soup almost taste and look like a curry.

 5.       Ramen Burger (Recipe courtesy of allrecipes)

If the Halloween Ramen wasn’t bizarre enough for you, why not try your ramen American style and in a burger? The addition of a beef patty, two buns, an egg, and some soy sauce to your ramen can really make this odd concoction a work of art. Take advantage of all your Maytag range’s capabilities, such as its convection oven, to make your meal quicker and cook more evenly.


A Maytag gas, electric, or induction range will do wonders to your food. The power burners on the Maytag gas range allow for a slow even sauté, an intense heat for a seared steak, and everything in between. Stop by our store to find a Maytag range cooktop that won’t let you down when you whip up a delicious bowl of ramen noodles.